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Slayer Home Protection

Slayer’s home protection program provides year-round protection for common pests. 3 seasonal treatments are included.

Slayer Home + Mosquito Protection

Slayer’s home + mosquito protection program provides year-round protection for common pests and mosquitoes. 5 total treatments and a In2Care Mosquito Bucket are included.

Slayer Home + Rodent Protection

Slayer’s home + rodent protection program provides year-round protection for common pests and rodents and mosquitoes. A total of 3 seasonal treatments, 2 add’t mosquito, + add’t rodent visits.

Slayer Premium Protection

Slayer’s premium protection program provides year-round protection for common pests, mosquitoes, and rodents. A total of 12 visits are included.

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Slayer Pest Control provides the BEST PEST CONTROL Services in the Fox Valley, WI.


When you team up with Slayer Pest Control for our pest control services, a highly-trained Wisconsin pest control technician will perform a thorough inspection before determining the best treatment and solution. This ensures you fully understand the pest problem, and we can most effectively treat the appropriate areas.

Along with a free, comprehensive inspection, you can also expect the following:

  • A neighborhood exterminator dedicated to servicing your home
  • Eco-friendly products and treatments to provide effective pest elimination without putting your home at risk
  • A respectful team that will ensure gates and doors are left securely locked after each service
  • Recurring treatments performed by one of our dedicated technicians for lasting results
  • Free re-treatment service guarantee if pests persist between visits

Ant Control in Wisconsin

There are many types of tiny ants in Wisconsin, but carpenter are a species of ant that get their name from the way they build nests, because they excavate wood and form smooth tunnels inside of the wood. They do not eat wood, they only tunnel and chew through it to create nests. Piles of fine sawdust are a clear sign of carpenter ants in the house and a likely need for carpenter ant extermination.

Spider Control Wisconsin

Spiders are useful—when they’re outside your home. With our recurring pest services, our Wisconsin exterminators can work with you to control the spider populations around your property. We even go the extra mile by knocking down any cobwebs we see on the exterior of your home.

Rodent Control in Wisconsin

Have rodents infested your home? You’re not alone – rodent infestations are becoming all too common in Wisconsin. While a rodent invasion may not seem like a crisis, it’s actually a serious matter due to its capability to spread dangerous bacteria and diseases. Additionally, they can threaten the interior of your home by chewing up insulation and gnawing on wires.

Slayer Pest Control proudly offers professional rodent control that effectively and humanely removes unwanted rats and mice from your home. Our rodent control experts are thoroughly trained to handle mouse and rat problems in Wisconsin.

Stinging Insect Control in Wisconsin

Stinging insects can be among the most annoying pests that are found in or around your home, from the buzzing of a common honeybee to the potential sting of wasps and hornets. No homeowner wants to deal with stinging pests. While stinging insects are often harmless if left alone, disturbing them while nesting or protecting the queen can be quite dangerous. If you are confronted with stinging types of insects, call Slayer Pest Control today. We have licensed and fully trained local Wisconsin technicians that will eliminate your stinging insect problem without anyone getting stung unnecessarily.

Mosquito Control in Wisconsin

At Slayer Pest Control, our professional mosquito management technicians are thoroughly trained, fully licensed, and knowledgeable in the proper treatments needed to suppress the presence of mosquitoes in your yard. During the seasonal months of April through September, an Slayer Pest Control technician will come to your property to deliver treatment to your yard. Using a liquid material, we’ll focus treatment on areas where mosquitoes breed and nest.

What Our Customers Say About Us

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Nick does an amazing job!
kristin ausloos
Nick is really great at what he does! We've had issues with voles in our yard and had previously used larger franchised companies to help get rid of them, but decided over the summer to support Nick and his local business. He's very thorough and answered all our questions. He always reaches out the day before stopping by, to check our baiting stations, so we aren't surprised when he shows up and he's always on time. Highly recommend!
Justin Susdorf
Nick is the best! I’d highly recommend to anyone with pest control needs.
Nick Sladky
Highly recommend!! Great communication and very punctual 👍🏻
I first called SPC near the end of summer about a "bees" nest we found in our shed. With Nick's knowledge we found out it wasn't just bees but yellow jackets. Long story short, gone no more nests and we can safely get in and out of our shed again! Knowing that SPC doesn't just take care of insects I called again to see what's been lurking around my flower beds and disrupting my hostas. With Nick's knowledge again, sounds like voles. We have 2 small children and 2 dogs I know they will be safe having these feeders around. They look like decorative rocks. And they need a special key to open them. I now have peace of mind knowing that these critters will be gone and out of my yard. Thank you SPC!!
Nick was very efficient and concerned about effective outcome.
Rachel Krummen
Nick’s service is always prompt and thorough. I started using him initially for just mosquitos, but he now provides several services for me. Most recently he arrived within 30 minutes of my notice regarding a wasp nest. I couldn’t ask for better service.
Lynda Sommers
I suddenly had a wasp problem and of course was right by my back door from the garage leading into the yard. On a Friday no less. I never dreamed I would be able to find someone to come out the same day, but along came Nick in his truck and took care of the problem so that I could actually use my door without being swarmed and enjoy the weekend. And I have already noticed a difference. Thanks Nick!

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Slayer Pest Control is a local family-owned pest control company. We have been providing exterminator services for over 12 years. Proud to be serving:

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Nick- Slayer is the best in the business. We love that he talks with us to find out what’s important around our home and then treats our property with attention and respect as if it was his own!

~ Kyle Sellers