Rodent Control in The Fox Valley

Rodents can be a major issue, particularly when they invade homes in the Fox Valley, Wisconsin area. To effectively handle a rodent problem, it’s crucial to address the issue at its origin. This typically involves identifying and addressing potential entry points and nesting areas where rodents are likely to inhabit. If you notice signs of rodent activity in your home, such as droppings, gnaw marks, or unusual noises, don’t hesitate to contact us for their efficient and comprehensive removal.

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If you reside in Menasha or the Fox Valley area, you may have faced issues with mice and rats in your home. These rodents are adept at squeezing through tiny openings, seeking shelter and a cozy environment for nesting. Mice and rats are particularly drawn to areas of your house that are less frequented, like attics, basements, and hidden corners. To guard your home effectively against the challenges posed by these rodents, it’s advantageous to collaborate with a rodent control specialist like those at Slayer Pest Control. Maintaining cleanliness and minimizing clutter are key steps, but mice and rats can still infiltrate even the most well-cared-for homes. At Slayer Pest Control, we aid you in protecting your Menasha, WI, home against rodents by eliminating existing infestations, addressing them at their source, and establishing a barrier to prevent their re-entry.

Remove any current infestation. The initial step in rodent control is eradicating any existing mice or rats in your home. Our skilled technicians at Slayer Pest Control will apply safe and effective treatments in crucial areas of your home to remove established rodents. We ensure that our treatments are safe for your entire family, including children and pets.

Target rodents at the source. To prevent future rodent problems, targeting areas where mice and rats are likely to enter or nest is vital. We employ strategies that effectively remove these rodents and prevent them from establishing new colonies. This method significantly reduces the rodent population in your home, offering a more permanent solution.

Establish a protective bait station barrier around your home. Mice and rats may continually attempt to invade your property over time. Setting up a barrier around your home is an effective strategy to prevent future rodent infestations. Our team at Slayer Pest Control can apply treatments that deter rodents from entering your Menasha home for an extended period. We also provide regular pest control services to safeguard your home against a mouse or rat problem.

Join forces with Slayer Pest Control to tackle your rodent issues and prevent their recurrence. You can schedule an appointment online or call or text us today at (920) 370-3430.

At Slayer Pest Control we focus on the environment around us here in The Fox Valley. We are experts at controlling bugs, insects, carpenter ants, roaches, spiders, rodents, and other pests indigenous to our area, things like the following:

Slayer Pest Control Packages


Slayer Home Protection

Slayer’s home protection program provides year-round protection for common pests. 3 seasonal treatments are included.

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Slayer Home + Mosquito Protection

Slayer’s home + mosquito protection program provides year-round protection for common pests and mosquitoes. 5 total treatments and a In2Care Mosquito Bucket are included.

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Slayer Home + Rodent Protection

Slayer’s home + rodent protection program provides year-round protection for common pests and rodents and mosquitoes. A total of 3 seasonal treatments, 2 add’t mosquito, + add’t rodent visits.

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Slayer Premium Protection

Slayer’s premium protection program provides year-round protection for common pests, mosquitoes, and rodents. A total of 12 visits are included.

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For help choosing the right package, call or text today: (920) 370-3430.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

At Slayer we care about our Wisconsin environment and the impact our services can have on our local community. We are proud to use some of the most eco-friendly green products available on the market. Ask us about our green services to discuss the options available.

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